Introductory Wheel-Throwing 

This 6-week course will be an introduction to wheel thrown ceramics. Within this once-a-week course, this class will learn how to create functional ceramics on a potters wheel. The class will begin with learning how to center clay, create basic forms, and gain comfort with the equipment. We will progress into more difficult forms and more advanced throwing techniques as students build confidence with the material. As the pieces dry the students will learn trimming techniques to refine and finish their work. Projects will include making functional ware from start to finish such as cups, mugs and bowls. Towards the end the class will learn about the glazing process and students will be able to glaze their own work. All levels welcome. This course can be taken more than once. 

$185 - Ages 16+


Hand-Building 101

This 6-week course will be an introduction to the functional and sculptural process of ceramics using various hand building techniques. Within this once-a-week course, we will explore processes including pinch, coil, and slab building as well as gain an understanding of the tools and methods involved in hand building. Projects will include things such as functional dinnerware all the way to purely sculptural pieces. Students will learn about glazing and how color and surface design can bring life to their unique works of art. All levels welcome. 

$185 - Ages 16+


Intermediate Wheel-Throwing with Expanded Techniques

This class will focus on expanding the throwing knowledge you learned in your beginning sessions. These basic techniques will be essential to being successful in this class. We will explore more advanced methods of production that involve hand building, extruding, slab rolling, additive coil building, press molds, and much more. There are so many approaches to working with clay and my hopes are that by taking this class you can start to formulate your own voice in the material. Surgeon Generals Warning: The ideal participant will have at least one or two intro wheel courses completed. Those in the class are expected to have a near proficient level of throwing and glazing. We will shortly revisit some of the basic techniques, but it is expected that the participants have a solid foundation of throwing before taking this class. *This is not a beginning class.

$200 - Ages 18+