Private Wine + Ceramics Night

Join us for a fun night out with you and your friends!

Here's a little info. on our standard private wine + ceramics nights. Typical rates are $50 per person, with all materials included. The standard wine night is 2-2.5 hours long. Your quantity of people will determine how your lesson will go. If you have over 6 people then we do as our regular wine nights and split everyone in to two groups where half hand builds a project while the other half throws 2-3 pieces on the wheels. Half way though the night we switch, a crash course in both fun & unique techniques for everyone. Hand-building projects are typically a handled mug or a planter. If you have 6 people or under then your group will choose either a hand-building or a wheel-throwing lesson. At the end of the night everyone will pick up to two glazes per piece. The turn around to pick up your pieces is roughly 4 weeks to go through the very extensive finishing, drying, firing, glazing and re-firing process. Private classes are scheduled during our open studio hours, please see the Open Studio section of our website for our current schedule. 

*Please note for groups of 7 or more there is an additional booking fee of  %15 of your groups total to reserve a private group class. 



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